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Dr. Patrick Liew

Founder of Real Estate Agency, HSR International Realtors

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How Did I Get Started In Real Estate?

Hi.. My name is Patrick Liew and you might know me as the founder of the real estate agency, HSR.

Allow me to share my story with you of how I step foot into the real estate business and went on to build a multi-million property portfolio, receiving passive rental income from my properties as a landlord and becoming financially free in my lifetime.

You see, I wasn’t born into a rich family, neither do I have a silver spoon. I was born in a humble family.

For some reason, when I was 17, my aspiration was to become a social worker. I simply love helping people, giving more of myself to help the people around me and seeing how I put a smile on people’s face made it all worthwhile my effort…

However, as much as I love helping people and making their lives better, I realised that what I was doing wasn’t enough to be helping more people than what I wanted…

I consulted my mentors and my mentor told me this;

“Patrick, you need to become rich in order for you to have the resources and capabilities to help more people out there!”

So that was exactly what I did.. In 1992, I fired my corporate job and went out on a mission to become successful, but I had totally no idea on what I should be doing.

It was kinda incidental, but at that point of point, I happen to chance upon an article and in that article, it mentioned that 99% of Singapore millionaires became millionaires directly or indirectly through property investing… And 2 of the top 10 richest man in Singapore made their wealth through real estate!

And I immediately jumped in and founded my first real estate company, HSR and that what how I first started dabbling in real estate investing.

In every crisis, there is an opportunity…

In 2003, HSR was affected by the global economic downturn and was on the brink of bankruptcy. Business was poor and basically no one was buying real estate because everyone were fearful of losing money in property investing.

However, to me, in every crisis, there is an opportunity and this was the time that I started investing heavily into property and it was seriously one of the best decision I have made in my life. My property portfolio swelled up and I never look back afterwards.

Today, I own many properties worldwide and am financially free because of the rental income that property investment brings.

I’m thankful that I now have the luxury of time and resources to do the things that I love and that is to continue to help the less fortunate and contribute back to society.

For example, I was able to pull in my network of people and together, we raised close to $40k for the South Indian Flood in Jan 2016.

I have also spent the last 10 years educating tens of thousands of people to become a savvy money-generating property investors using his PROVEN street-smart property investing strategies.

Wait a minute..

Were you thinking that I must have had a lot of money to invest in property?

In fact, the answer is no! I invested in most of my properties with LITTLE OR NO MONEY DOWN!


How is that even possible?!

Chances are, you might think that it is impossible to do it, but let me assure you, if you know the right system and right knowledge on how you can structure your property deal, ANYONE can do it!

Yes! I mean anyone!

#1 Property Investing Myth Debunked: You need a lot of money to buy property

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is to kill the number 1 myth about property investing – you need a lot of money to invest in property.

That’s further from the truth!

To the average retail investor, that may be true. But what I have discovered in my 20 years in property investing, is that you can literally start investing and owning your first property with just a couple of thousand dollars!

And with my How-to-buy-investment-property PROVEN step by step system of investing in real estate, thousands of my students have benefited from my knowledge and some now own multiple real estates that they are happily collecting rental income from as a landlord!

Don’t you wish you can become a landlord yourself and start collecting passive rental income for yourself?

Here's how you can get started with property investing...

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With Little Or Even No Money Down!

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Ever Wondered How It's Even Possible To Own Multiple Properties, Be A Filthy Rich LandLord & Continue Collecting Passive Rental Income From your Property, Without Paying Much Money?

The fact that you are reading this page now only tells me two things.

1) You are interested in property investing.
2) You are interested in HOW property investing will make you wealthy.

Chances are that you ALREADY know that property investing can make you wealthy, really wealthy, especially in a small island like Singapore, where there just isn't enough land and houses going around for the ever increasing Singapore population.

You might also have heard stories of people owning multiple properties and collecting rental income as landlord and being able to achieve financial freedom. And all they did was investing in the RIGHT property at the RIGHT time and RIGHT price.

You might be wondering if all these so called wealth generation through property investment are for real...

Well, you have come to the right place!

Today, Dr Patrick Liew, is a multi-millionaire REAL ESTATE veteran with over 50 properties worldwide. He now spends his time educating people on the subject of Real Estate Investing with his time tested, PROVEN wealth strategies to help even ordinary Singaporean, create, invest and grow their wealth!
Since 1991, Dr Patrick Liew has educated over 10,000 people worldwide to become a savvy property investor and has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom through real estate!

And property investing is perhaps the SAFEST, EASIEST and FASTEST way of growing your wealth exponentially, helping you to rich your financial freedom dream within a shorter period of time!

With his own PROVEN methodology for investing in REAL ESTATE, Dr Patrick Liew has used his own strategies to turn his own investments from thousands to millions of dollars, allowing him to 'retire' financially and spends most of his time now educating people and doing charity work to give back to society.

If there's anyone you want to learn the art and trick of property investing, you ONLY need to learn from Dr Patrick Liew!

Join Patrick's Meet-and-Greet Session!

In this 3-hour FREE seminar, here's what you will discover:

  • Right Questions To Ask

    The 7 wealth-creation questions you MUST ask before buying any
    property. These questions are based on Patrick’s 20+ years of real estate experience!

  • Timing and Location

    Why you should NOT buy just based on location alone! Patrick explains why TIMING the economic development of an area is more important

  • Cheap and Undervalued?

    The biggest secret to finding cheap, undervalued real estate… that most investors don’t know about

  • Raising The Value

    How to quickly raise the value of your property… using Patrick’s 4-step “consumer behavioral pattern” process

  • 5 Must-See Categories

    Which are the top 5 categories of overseas properties that are making investors consistent, guaranteed returns

  • Property Roadmap

    The exact roadmap to be a sophisticated investor… even when you’re a rookie or veteran investor

Now, I'm not sure why Dr Patrick Liew is doing this for free, and at this point of time, he has agreed to speak and train our Ace Profits Academy subscribers at completely no cost!
That is why we truly respect him as a Property Master and Mentor to his mentees.

The seats are truly limited and at this time, we are going to be closing off the registration REALLY SOON to avoid having to turn down people at the event!

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Adrian See

I had the privilege in my humble six years to learn from many property experts. I begin to analyze the information over the weekend and conclude that all the teachings seem to direct to one main source, whom is Dr. Patrick!

Francis Tan

Amongst many, your example in owning a hotel with no money, simply beat all the other street-smarts that I've seen, it blew my mind away… Anyone from the property novice to veteran should attend your course. It totally covered all my blind spots and made me even more effective in my daily work.

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