Top 3 Alternative Therapies Singaporeans Use To Overcome Pains

Most people are experiencing some pains.

Headaches, stomach aches, back aches, neck strain, cramps?and the list goes on.

Sometimes, it can be treated.

But the other times, the pain just keeps coming back.

Worse, you may be advised to just ?live with the pain? because there?s no treatment that can help you.

Do you have to really ?live with the pain? forever?

Is there really no other ways to remove the pain?

In this article, you will discover 3 alternative therapy Singaporeans use to overcome pains. You may not have heard of it before, but people sure have benefited from it.

1. Music Therapy

A trained Music Therapist uses different types of music to help clients improve their physical and mental health.

It is said to have helped people improve various aspects of their health, such as improved heart rate, reduced anxiety, relieve stress, and even mental illnesses.


2. Colour Therapy

In this therapy, you will be exposed to different colours of lights.

The therapist believes that certain colour lights can enter our skin to activate hormones to cause reactions in our body.

These reactions will hence influence our emotions and enable the body to heal itself.


3. Chi Technique

The Chi technique is developed by Master Tan CK, a health practitioner from East Malaysia.

Over the years, Master CK has used this Chi technique to help thousands of people to free their pains, aches, and any emotional blocks that prevent them from living their fullest potential.

The Chi technique is about the energy flows in our body.

The Chinese calls it ?Qi?. The Indians calls it ?Prana?. The Japanese calls it ?Ki?.

All of us have Chi flowing in our bodies. In fact, it can do wonders!

Shaolin monks use Chi to do superhuman things like bending a spear using their throat, or smashing stacks of bricks using their bare hands!

Energy flows through us like a stream of water. Sometimes, the stream gets blocked and it cuts off this energy to certain parts of our bodies. This is why we get aches, pains, and other health problems.

These days, Master CK is conducting classes to teach this Chi technique in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan to help more people improve their health.

His Chi classes has become so popular in Japan that there is an association created just for his teachingThe Qi-Alignment Association of Japan.

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