Top 5 Coolest Gadgets You Would Love To Buy

When it comes to the topic of modern, wearable technology majority of us think in terms of smartwatches. It is very much true that they constitute as a majority in the list of ?best wearable technology?. In addition, distinct wearable gadgets have been grabbing the attention of people. Interested in a smart sleep mask? A smart-ring that can snap few pictures? The following article will help you out with wearable devices which have been grabbing the attention of people.

The very basic question is ?What constitutes a wearable technology and at the same time be a very good piece? The very first answer is that it has to be wearable. The most common problem associated with wearable technology is that people end up finding large amount of items on the market, which are either too irritating or chunky to wear.

The designs of the wearable technology must be elegant, like the ones listed in the below mentioned list. You can consider trying out Vigo. It is worn at the side of an eye of the user. Irrespective of their impressive features, too much compromise cannot be afforded by wearable technology with their respect to their comfort ability to wear them.

In addition, the technology of the wearable technology must also meet few standard requirements, but at the same time should not carry any kind of disregard for common sense. Remember the time, when few manufacturers boasted about how their users could read articles online from their smartwatches, while in reality the uses had to raise their wrist up to the level of their nose and squint just to read text from the device.

1. The Misfit Shine fitness tracker

When compared to majority of the smart pedometers, the Misfit Shine fitness tracker can be also used for the purpose of swimming. It can last on a single battery for a period of 4 months. In addition, it is tiny; bit bigger when compared to a thumbnail, but smaller than 2 finger?s width. Basically, the Misfit Shine fitness tracker is a swish iOS-connected pedometer, which can function anywhere and also in water. It can sync with iOS devices due to connectivity with Bluetooth. It informs the user about their achieved progress on a daily basis by using 12 LEDs.

2. Google Glass

Google Glass is basically a smart eyewear and has been designed for ?those who move?. The users of Google Glass can snap photos, in addition to various other activities hands-free, by just instructing the Google Glass to capture a picture via your voice or any command which is relevant. Google Glass allows its user to participate in Google+ Hangouts, obtain information from the internet as well as their phones through wireless data connection. ?The idea of Google Glass is still a novel and a cool idea which is still in infancy.

3. Vigo

Vigo is one of the strangest products to enter this list. For starters, this device must be worn on the side of the user?s eye.

This is basically because Vigo utilizes an infrared sensor along with an algorithm to determine your alertness. Vigo has been designed with a view to keep you informed as to when you are at most alert, when you are a bit tired and also when you dire need of a rest. More than 20 parameters of your blinks are tracked in order to reveal important information with respect to tiredness.

4. Smarty Ring

The idea of a smart-ring was just a matter of time. With the help of this gadget, one can reject or accept calls, click few pictures (Your thumbs as well as fingers might get captured in the shot), obtain all notifications and get decent control over your smartphone.

5. NeuroOn

NeuroOn is a wearable device and its basic aim is to help its user to get better sleep. The brain waves, movement of the eye and muscle tension are measured by NeuroOn to determine the stage of sleep you currently are in. The device resembles the shape of any sleep mask. In addition, the device alerts you the correct time you have to wake up as per your sleep plan.