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Discover How You Can Unlock Your Hidden Talents And Create Massive Success In Life…Using Just Your Date Of Birth!

Apply The UCM Human Profiling Methodology To Reveal Your ‘Secret Codes’ To Success.
No Surveys Or Questionnaires. Just A Research-Backed Technique That Works!

Introducing The FREE LIVE UCM Human Profiling Seminar:

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In This Live Event Training, You Will…

  • Discover your hidden talents using the unique UCM Human Profiling methodology
  • Learn why the UCMHP methodology is the best choice for personality profiling
  • How you can apply UCMHP and achieve massive success in 5 key areas of your life
  • How to profile anyone, including your family and friends, in just 5 minutes
  • How to calculate and plot your Birth Chart and analyse it in 32 steps
  • How to decode your Universal Character Number to unleash your hidden potential
  • Learn the Golden Number Combination of famous and highly successful people
  • … and much much more!
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A Human Profiling Methodology Backed By Statistics And Scientific Research With 90% Accuracy Level

Hi, I’m Dr Bernard Yeo. I’m the author of the best selling book, “Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself” and also the recipient of Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Professional Award in Outstanding Universal Profiling Method.

For the past 8 years, I have put in 70,000 hours of research work to develop the UCMHP technique, a scientifically proven personality profiling combining NLP, DISC, Enneagram, MBTI, Big 5 personality analysis, all into one.

In 2013, I was conferred Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling for my outstanding research.

Since 2008, I have shared my UCM Human Profiling methodology to thousands of people around the region and they have used this technique to improve their Health, Wealth, Career, Relationship, and Family.

With The UCM Human Profiling, You Can...

  • Unlock your Universal Character for personal growth and success
  • Discover your natural in-born talents, as well as hidden blind-spots
  • Correct your weakness and maximise your strengths to achieve peak performance
  • Leverage on your strengths and talents to propel you to greater wealth and prosperity
  • Discover your unique “Million Dollar Talent" that you’re not using.
  • And much, much more!
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What Participants Say About
UCM Human Profiling Seminar

"Me and my wife are UCMHP students. As Chinese Physicians, we practise UCMHP in our daily work, where we meet patients everyday. UCMHP helps us understand our patients better and gain their trust, and increase the accuracy of diagnoses. Through UCMHP, we help patients not only in the aspect of health, but also in their family and career, strengthening the bonds between us."

Dr Siong, Chinese Physician

"The 21st century scientific research approach to UCMHP's Numerology platform (which I had learned and practicing now) has brought many benefits to the people around me. It had provided individuals an opportunity to be self-confident & assured, clearer understanding of personal Self, and the potential Career Pathway that supports & complements their personal character, personality & behavior."

Sterve Lim, Self-Employed

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Just by inserting your birth date - DD/MM/YYYY, the chart will reveal everything you need to know about yourself - wealth, career, relationships, family, health... and many more!

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Special Bonus!

Dr Bernard Will Show You LIVE Reading Of Birth Dates Before You Attend!


Dr Bernard Yeo will share with you How To Calculate Your Own UC Number, and even Reading Of Your Life Destiny if you have UC Number 1 or 2.

This is for your to discover the power of UCM Human Profiling even before you attend the Live seminar with Dr Bernard Yeo.

Once you register for the UCM Human Profiling Seminar, you will receive the FREE Universal Character Report Chart, and 4 special bonus videos emailed to you to help you start decoding your birth dates, and uncover your life destiny.

The bonus videos are for a limited time only.

And right now, we only have 54 17 seats left for our seminar! So here is what you need to do now... Simply click on the button to reserve your seat for this seminar so that you do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer!

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