Use This Math Formula To Solve Your Money Problems

Have you ever wondered

– What makes certain people?more successful than others?
– Why do some people need to work so hard to earn money, while some make it so easy?
– Why some people have lots of wealth opportunities coming to them, while some don?t have any?
– Why some of your friends can strike lottery so frequent, but you hardly strike once in your life?
– Will you ever be wealthy?

Are?all of these coincidences? or destiny?

Hi, my name is Dr. Bernard Yeo, and many called me the Numerology Wealth Expert. I?m also the founder of the ?Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling? (UCMHP).

Over the last 8 years, I have put in 70,000 hours of research work to develop UCM Human Profiling – an integration of Pythagoras? Character Development Theory and many other scientifically proven profiling methodologies such as NLP, Enneagram, and MBTI.

UCMHP uses a mathematical formula to calculate your Universal character, which then enables you to unlock your unique secret codes to achieving success in all areas of your life ? health, wealth, academic, career, family and romantic relationships.

I Just Need 1 Minute and Your Date of Birth To Decode Your Life

Yes. Just give me 1 minute and your Date Of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY), and I can tell you

– your character and personality
– your shortest path to wealth
– your life?s major challenges
– and many many more!

Let me show you an example of someone we all know… Jack Ma.


According to the?Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP), Jack has a UC number of 3.

Those who have the UC number of 3 are task-oriented extroverts, with a distinct far-sightedness and focus helping them to achieve their objectives easily.

Sociable and bursting with confidence, these people excel at being leaders and influencing people to follow their theories and agendas.

Not surprisingly, they tend to draw attention towards themselves and remain in the limelight.

But be careful not to have a strained working relationship with them as people in this category tend to have a heated temperament and get easily frustrated by their lesser peers.

Sounds like Jack?

It?s not guesswork. Instead, it?s a statistical, mathematical and scientific method of classifying everyone on Earth.

“Can You Analyse My Birth Date?”

After my discovery of UMCHP, thousands of people from Singapore, Malaysian, and even China has come to meet me to decode their birth dates.

I used to do it one by one? but now, I want to help more people to discover their inner hidden talents, so they can maximise it to live to their fullest potential.

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I will show you how to discover your in-born hidden talents, your blind-spots, your strengths and weaknesses, your potential wealth and money problems, your multi-million dollar talent ? and many more!

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