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Discover The Secret Method That I Use To Collect Money From The Stock Market Every MonthNOT  Every Quarter, NOT  Every Year, NOT  Every 3 Years

Expenses and bills come every month, so why shouldn't your money?

Tell Me How!

I’m sure you have heard many stories about investing.

You may have heard of people making a 5-figure income from it. You may also have heard of people spending as little as a few minutes per day to earn that money.

But I’m not here to tell you what you already know.

Instead, I’m here to talk about a little-known method that I have been using to collect money from my investments every month …

You see, there are 3 ways of making money from the stock market.

The most common way to make money through investing is Share Appreciation.

Share Appreciation is about buying shares in the right company at the right time and letting the company grow and earn a higher share price. You can then make a profit by selling your shares.

However, Share Appreciation also takes the longest time - you would have to wait at least a year, sometimes even a few years, before seeing results!

The other method to make money through investing is Dividend.

Dividend is about getting rewarded with the earnings of a company. Apart from well, owning shares in the company, you don’t have to do anything!

It’s an easy way to generate passive income, but most companies only pay out dividends every quarter.

Then there’s my method, which many investors don’t even know about!

I have trademarked my method as VIOS™ - yes, it’s that closely-guarded.

Using my method, you can collect money from the stock market every month … NOT every quarter, NOT every year, NOT every 3 years … even if share prices remain stagnant.

Ok, so what’s the deal with my method, VIOS™, again?

VIOS™ is the  »» FASTEST »»  way to collect money from the stock market - and you can make money even if the company isn’t doing well on the stock market!

Once you master VIOS™, you no longer have to be worried about rising expenses and monthly bills … because well, you will be able to collect extra income every month, NOT every quarter, NOT every year, NOT every 3 years.

Just like Pebs!

“My family now enjoys a 4-figure income every month!”

With VIOS™ and Stock investing, my family now enjoys a 4-figure income every month to safeguard our financial future. Definitely attainable if you take action.

- Pebs Lee, Electrical and Software Engineer

I Want To Collect Money Every Month!

About Me

Hi, I’m Sean Seah.

For the past 7 years, I have been empowering people with VIOS™ and other stock investing strategies so that they can make money from the stock market not just effectively … but ALSO quickly.

To date, I have shared my knowledge with over 1,500 people in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and many other countries in the region.

Huge Regional Presence

I have been invited to speak about stock investing at various regional events, including SMART Investment & International Property Expo, Financial Growth Summit, My First Stock Carnival, POPULAR BookFest and National Achievers Congress.

I am also the author of several financial books such as ‘Financial Joy’, ‘Gone Fishing with Buffett’ and ‘Winning The Money Game’, all of which are recognised by international business leaders, including top finance expert Mary Buffett.

Widely Featured In The Media!

You may have read about me in newspapers and magazines, where my investing ideals are regularly featured.

Over the air, I have appeared on Singapore’s national radio stations 93.8 Live and Jia 88.3 FM.

As an ordinary worker who used to draw a monthly salary myself, I recognise that stock investing can’t just be about making money - it ALSO has to be about being able to collect the money every month so that … well, you can actually use the money.

Because we live in the real world … a world where expenses and bills are killing us every month without fail.

The solution? I will be telling you more about VIOS™ and other stock investing strategies in my class, which I will be conducting for FREE for a limited time only.

“Sean is my mentor of choice ... I have achieved a passive income of RM9000 - RM12000 a month ...”

I'm only 22 years old, but because of my profits through investing, I have managed to buy properties.

- Reshveen Rajendran, Student-turned-Entrepreneur

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What Will You Master In This Free Class

  • How to use a simple 3-step criteria to identify and assess profitable companies to invest in
  • Use my closely-guarded evaluation method to identify when to buy and what price to buy your favourite stock.
  • Identify the best time to sell your investments for maximum profits without making any guesses.
  • Why it’s the best time to get started in investing when you ONLY have $100.
  • How to use my method, VIOS™, to generate huge monthly cashflow.… even if stock market prices remain stagnant!
  • How to tread the stock market safely so you can sleep soundly without any stress
  • Discover the biggest counter-intuitive secret that will dramatically lower your risk and increase your profits.
  • Discover why a market crash is like a 'Mega Sale' event - where your favourite stocks go on a HUGE discount
  • How to properly allocate your investments into 3 distinct categories so you can weather through ALL market conditions without making losses
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What My Participants Have To Say

“To date, I have earned more than RM220,000 through investing.”

Over here, you will find a group of supportive and like-minded individuals.

- Manson See, Operations Manager

“My passive income now exceeds my monthly expenses!”

By applying what I learnt from Sean, my passive income now exceeds my expenses. Now, I'm able to make a conscious choice to spend more time with my family."

- Jon Kevin Lai, Stay-Home Dad

“I have achieved an annual 6-figure return ...”

Through careful investment in shares, I have achieved an annual 6-figure return! Yes, it's possible. This amount has opened up so many possibilities in my life. I'm very thankful for my learning journey.

- Ken Teng, Businessman

The »» FASTEST »» Way To Earn From The Stock Market

This is it. There’s no faster way to collect money from the stock market.

The strategies taught in this class have empowered the lives of over 1,500 people across countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. You are NEXT.

Learn the trademarked strategy that will FINALLY let you collect money from the stock market every month and pay your expenses and monthly bills with ease.

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  • Uncover the power of investing and how it can impact your life

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