Do You Have The Wealth Profile Of The World's Richest People?


These people are rich because they understand their Wealth Profile and leverage on their Strengths and Personality to 'shortcut' their path to massive wealth.


Jack Ma Create Wealth by Building A Great Business

Jacky Wu Create Wealth As A Famous Celebrity

George Soros Create Wealth By Timing The Markets

Warren Buffett Create Wealth By Investing

Elon Musk Create Wealth by Creating Trends & Inventions

Li Ka Shing Create Wealth By Striking Huge Deals

But do you know your Wealth Profile, and know which path to wealth is the Easiest, Fastest, and Shortest for YOU?


 Discover Your Wealth Profile And Your Shortest Path To Wealth


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In Just 3 hours, You Will Discover A "Little-Known Wealth Profiling Technique" That Will Reveal Your 'Million-Dollar' Wealth Profile ... So You Can "Turbo Charge" Your Success In Life, Creating The Success That You Truly Deserve…Once and For All!



Your Speaker

Nicole Ling

Wealth Profiling Expert From Singapore


As a Master Trainer of over 15 years, Ms Nicole Ling has used her rich knowledge in Personality Profiling to help thousands of individuals and top multinational companies like Apple, Amex, Dell, Jean Yip, Marina Bay Sands, to achieve greatness in their various fields.

Nicole has been featured in Shape Magazine, The Straits Times, The Expat, The Star (Malaysia), Lian He Zhao Bao, Reader’s Digest (Singapore, Malaysia and Australia), Asia New Network (Thailand) and other local and international media. She is also the Winner of "Global Women’s Leadership Award 2013".

Gabian Chew

“Before attending Nicole’s course, I was careless with my money and career and tend to be hasty when faced with critical decisions and situations. I became very good in controlling my actions after attending Nicole’s Wealth Profiling course. Knowing my Wealth Profile saves me a lot of time, money and headaches when exercising judgement in life’s shenanigans.”

Gabian Chew Founder of Manifold Times
Charlene Kang

“After receiving Nicole’s very detailed assessment of my Wealth Profile, I am able to understand my financial roadmap and manage my finances more effectively. Before I attended Nicole’s course, I made financial mistakes and lost money in investments. Today, I can start to invest according to my Wealth Profile without making the mistakes I did in the past.”

Charlene Kang Executive Director of Vault 268
Dominic Lee

“I realised my Wealth Type is The Adventurer, who is fun, relaxed and spontaneous, like Richard Branson. This has changed the way I view myself and business dealing. The knowledge I have gathered has made me more confident and optimistic. Now, I use Wealth Profiling for my business and investments.”

Dominic Lee Real Estate Consultant

This Wealth Profiling Seminar is a MUST for you if:


  • You have tried very hard to make more money, but still fail to achieve anything
  • You have jump from opportunities to opportunities, but still wonder which wealth creation model is best for you
  • You want to discover your wealth profile, and find out Your Easiest, Fastest, and Shortest path to Wealth.



In this 3 Hour Seminar, you will discover:

  • This "Little-Known Wealth Profiling Technique" that famous people use to uncover their strengths, personality, and talents, so they can apply the maximum leverage to create massive wealth.
  • The 9 Types Of Wealth Profiles in the world, and the best path to massive wealth for each profile
  • Discover your Natural Path to Wealth… the path of least resistance and obstacles that will lead you to wealth within the shortest time.
  • How to leverage your strengths and personality traits to create wealth for yourself.
  • The different types of wealth creation models, and which is best for you. Warren Buffett and Jack Ma create wealth very differently. Know which wealth model suits you the best.
  • ...and many more profiling secrets to 'shortcut' your path to wealth!
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The last time this event was organized in Singapore, all the seats were filled up and we had a full house event.


Due to the high popularity of this topic, we expect a huge turn out for this 3-hour event.

However, our venue can only pack 50 people. Please register and show up on time for the seats you have registered.

This is a special one-time event. There are no plans for similar events anytime soon.

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