Why Younger Malaysians Must Not Invest, Unless?


Many Malaysians nowadays know that depending on a single source of income (our salary) is not the way to achieve our financial goals in life.

That?s why you see many of our friends are taking efforts to build a second income, to make their ?money work for them?.

And one of the most popular ways to grow your wealth is??investing.

Yes, your money is rotting in the bank, as it gives you about 1% every year.

If you can invest in the stock market, you can beat inflation easily by getting about 15% to 20% ever year (if you know how to invest).

That is true.

World?s richest investor,?Warren Buffett?made his billions, just by generating 20 to 25% over a period of 30 years.

But if this is the reason you want to go into investing??STOP!

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Investing Is Useless, Unless?

Before I started trading, I read books about investing. I read how some of the world?s richest investors like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and Li Ka Shing made billions of dollars, just by investing, generating an average returns of 20-25% annual returns.

I thought that is really amazing, until I did some simply math.

Say I have a capital of RM10,000 to invest, and I will be happy if I can make 15% return in my first year.

It?s way much higher than the bank rate of 1%.

But I calculated again? 15% of RM10,000, it is only RM1500 a year.

Divided by 12 months, I only made a miserable RM125 a month (how attractive is that?!)

That got me thinking?Even if I can achieve a high 15% annual returns, I can only make additional RM125 a month only, because I don?t have a huge capital to begin with.

But if you have a huge capital to start with? then that?s a different story!

Say if this person have RM500,000 capital, and with a poor investment strategy, he only managed a low 8% annual returns.

Now, even with a lower return than mine, he can still make RM40,000 a year, or RM3,333 passive income every month!

Now? this is a much more attractive sum you can retire on!

If you can do simple maths, I?m sure you?ll agree with me investing is not the way to go.

This is also why I turned to financial trading? which gives much higher returns, with smaller capital!

(and this turned out to be the best decision I ever made!)

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Financial Trading Is Really Powerful, But Confused Many People? Until They Use This!

Trading is not new.

Many people have traded the financial markets, and know it is a real way to grow their wealth and make additional income for themselves.

However, when we asked most Malaysians why are they not trading,

Almost all of them said

?Do I need to stare at complicated charts and see the prices jumping up and down to trade? I get very confused easily because of those charts!?

?Do I need to learn finance terms, read economic news to trade? I?m not a finance person, and I have no time to read news!?

?I have traded before, but I get emotional easily, I traded more money than I should, and lost it all. How can I trade without emotions??

All of these are real trading issues faced by beginners, including me when I started more than 10 years ago.

But here’s the good news.

What if there?s a quick-and-simple way for you to turbocharge your wealth? by trading safely and profitably?

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